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It's a Whole Process

It's the whole process.

Taking someone to the movies doesn't mean when you get there you can choose to be checked out and let the person know that you're in a hurry to get home.

Taking someone to the movies involves going TOGETHER to buy the tickets, get a snack, talk about things in the meantime, because, you're there so why not talk together and get to know each other. Maybe you talk about your favorite movie or memories at the movies. You smell the popcorn in the air, point out the posters on the wall, smile and bond, and create a memory.

Taking someone to the movies isn't a task on a

to-do list. Taking someone to the movies is a process.... a whole package of events if you will. There need be no rush, no urge to hush the flow of conversation, no hurry in the efforts to get through the the moment because for them, the moment ended at the door. Their job is done, like a parent on a playground; they brought you to the destination.

Now go.

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