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And Yet Here I Stand,

With a fixed computer and brand new phone in my hand.

I paid a fraction of the cost,

by way of payment, barter, and a patient attitude at most.

I fought so hard to get to this place.

The perspective of success,

but the feeling of suffocating invade.

I have everything you want,

and yet I want less.

Because everything comes with a price,

that doesn't change its lens.

So it doesn't matter to some extent,

that I like my old laptop

or my old phone

or the sidekick or blackberry

or better yet,

the next door friend.

They'll make us update it all

and sell it back to us

and market us to go along with it.

Whether or not we like it.

We will,

It's the way it's designed.

So I name my technology and let it know

I think it's nice and I think it is kind,

and I hope to All that it doesn't fall or break or worst of all

get splashed or stepped on or stolen or have water drops fall

or get carried away by another persons hand,

like a teenager who's been given

too much free will on sacred stolen land.

But if you are here,

it means the same as me.

That we use this technology

to connect and set ourselves free.

I thank you for that, and I alchemize the thought,

that energy is medicine:

it knows where to go and how it ought

to be and cleanse and recreate anew,

our cells and our minds

and hopefully hearts too.

I don't know about any of you,

but I always forget, that I chose to be Human,

to live in this body and to have to forget..

but only for so long, even though I am on

a journey of healing my karmic cycles and repaying old debts,

a journey of love and of freedom and speaking God's Truth,

a journey of falling to my knees, when my agenda pushes through.

A journey of knowing to when and when to when not,

a journey of depth and of sex and my honest obscure thoughts.

But welcome back! Many stories to go through,

I can't wait to write more and send delicious words through.

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