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Third Perspective Is My Favorite.

Sometimes I don’t think very many people even have a clue or care to develop one when it comes to employing other human beings and having the cognizance to know when to expect more from them as an employee and when to recognize you are working with another human being. A breathing human who shares the same feelings of needs, wants, desires, fears, and goals. We thrive from being seen and yet, so many people have jobs where they’ve accepted being treated like a number or department title in exchange for the paycheck. We have to live and pay for life, but at what cost is our paycheck costing us in payment values we lack to see, such as energy and happiness and joy and appreciation and how is that affecting us in our daily lives? It is normal to have upswings and down swings in work, but it is not normal to hate our job everyday.

At what point are we paying our employer in happiness and peace so that we can be returned a payment of money? If we chose a job motivated by joy instead of money, would we perhaps make less? Debatable. The reward for your joy is abundance, and that is more than money. We could be spending less by choosing a job with the motivation of joy over money - spending less wasted time, spending less joy on people who don’t return it, and spending less energy in general worrying about the external stimuli that are really just correlated t

There is a give and take to everything. A cost and a payment returned.

An Energy Exchange.

I see now why they say, Nothing in this world is Free.

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